Announcement: Messenger for Creators

We’re making a messenger for creators, artists, photographers. Our software is aiming to be a messenger where you can call your mom on Sunday to say hi and then show your works to the clients, share the task with your team, discuss it, finish it and deliver it. The main goal is to make it simple for casual users and useful for business. It will have audio/video calls, personal public galleries for every user and more. It will be ridiculously simple to browse and follow your favorite artists and talk to people.

Within a month or two we’re going to launch a landing page for early testers. First betas are planned to be at the beginning of 2020.

It’s based on some new tech that can significantly improve the quality of audio/video calls, especially for groups.

The design is ~80% complete.

We started making it as a tool for our internal needs, but it’s definitely becoming something more. We need your ideas about what you’d like to see there. It’s really important for us to make a better product for you.