“Due to the current situation with the COVID-19 outbreak, starting from March 12th, Nuare is transferring all of our people from the offices. All our employees are working remotely at this moment, and it includes all our top managers, producers, art leads, and all employees.

We have always stood out as an online outsourcing company. We are working effectively, with more than 75% of full-time working people from home. Online has always been the origin of our business. We have learned how to use this model most efficiently and build an excellent infrastructure around it.

During the outbreak, Nuare is going to work the same way as always: efficiently, reliable, providing the best service and quality. We’re going to be ready to help you with any production delays and difficulties that you might struggle with during this situation. Our main goal is to keep functioning at a 100% rate and continue helping our customers, without putting your or our employees under risk. This is the highest priority for us at this moment.

I know it’s a tough time. Please, you and your loved ones, hold tight, stay safe, and be well.”

Leo Enin, Nuare CEO