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Pie Messenger

Pie is a fast, secure, and flexible instant messenger that is made for us: artists, photographers, designers, videographers. Our goal is to give creative people and teams an excellent tool for communication, sharing content and experience, and finding new friends and partners. It’s been made by artists and for artists.

Pie Messenger is solving content sharing and messaging for people with imagination. For us, creative, wild, and smart, always looking for inspiration, journey, and fantastic new things.

We hope you will like it!


Available on the AppStore, coming later this year to Google Market, Windows and MacOS



• We’re a community of creative people, and Pie was built to provide creative people a simple but effective way to share their content. Sharing your ideas privately or publicly with friends or even very large groups of people makes it fun and easy.
• Make your public content discussable by creating your own custom channels where you can easily communicate using a fully functional instant messenger, upload, or download images, videos, or any other files directly from or to the channel!

• Filter what content, contacts, or even groups of people you would like to see at this particular moment. Communicate is easy.
• Choose your favorite contacts, groups, or communities and seamlessly switch between them. Create your own workspace, or group all your friends or family members together, and chat as never before.

• By focusing on speed, simplicity, and clean minimalistic design, we’re adding and reinvent fantastic new tools that make it one of the most powerful and flexible messengers on the market.

The Pie team is small, but we love it and are improving it every day to add and enhance new features and work out the most popular requests coming from our community. We ask only one thing: give us feedback, criticize, and get mad on us sometimes, and it will help us to improve our product. Remember: we cook this Pie together.

Pie is a powerful, secure messenger, a community, a work tool, and everything you choose it to be.

link: Pie Messenger

  • FEATURES: Text messaging, Social Interaction, Global sharing, File transfer, Contact list, Filters and Tags, Social Network login and more.
  • TECHNOLOGIES: iOS/Android/MacOS/Win Xamarin Native, Azure, WebRTC